Music for Dreaming II

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Music for Dreaming

Features best loved lullabies like Brahms Lullaby, Hush-a-bye-baby and Golden Slumbers. Dream with your baby cradled in the arms of music.

This project started out as a simple idea and became a cherished vision: to soothe babies and adults through the universal language of music. It's success is reflected in it's Double Platinum sales.

Music for Dreaming has been created especially for babies and adults so that they may feel comforted and nurtured. I would like to share with you some insights from scientific research that form an integral part of this music.

Music can have a profoundly natural therapeutic effect on the listener. The pure sound of this music is created by traditional instruments rather than synthesised sounds to protect your baby's delicate ears and sensitive nervous system. Musicians breathe life and expression into the notes, creating a rich harmonic quality, we find so peaceful. Lullabies, in particular, are recognized for their ability to produce feelings of calm and restfulness.

These lullabies were arranged as one continuous piece and produced to be played softly to have a constant, calming effect. We all, babies and adults alike, react whether awake or asleep, when a different sound is introduced into our surroundings. The uninterrupted gentle flow of this music follows you and your baby from lighter to deeper stages of sleep.

We perceive sound before we are born. At only seven months, within the womb, the unborn baby is aware of the regular rhythms and pulsations of the internal world, and the sounds of the external world especially the tone of the mother's voice. The flute, strings and harp have been selected for their ability to recall the comforting characteristics of the womb. The flowing and percussive nature of the flute and harp echo the body's rhythm. The strings represent the warmth and fluidity of the internal environment. To portray the sounds of the external world, the melody is held by the flute, the instrument closest to the voice in its function and tone.

Vocals have not been used in this recording as research has shown that babies are most responsive to their parents' voices. Humming along to a lullaby enhances the soothing quality.

Sshh. Listen ... Sweet Dreams