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Music for Dreaming II

As a result of the overwhelming success of 'Music For Dreaming', Cherie Ross has created 'Music For Dreaming II', so that you too can relax and sleep like a baby.

'Music For Dreaming II' is performed by world acclaimed musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; featuring timeless familiar melodies like 'Scarborough Fair', 'Amazing Grace' and 'Beautiful Dreamer' that will help you unwind from the hectic pace of modern life.

Based upon a unique blending of music and medical research this recording recreates the rhythms of the human body at rest. The invisible companion created by this music gently reassures and soothes you into the most delicate of experiences: sleep.

We can appreciate the therapeutic benefits that this music brings by understanding the special framework supporting 'Music For Dreaming II'.

Rhythm is the heart of all music. The rhythm of this music replicates the human heartbeat, and the tempo is that of the resting human pulse, to bring about a sense of calm.

The mood of music is determined by the key in which it is arranged. Studies show that the key of F relates to the mind and the key of C to the heart, so these keys have been specifically chosen to engender a peaceful, tranquil experience. Settling the mind and calming the heart produces a relaxed state of being, similar to that of true meditation.

Instruments are the voice of music. Traditional instruments which produce sound by natural means are the most soothing. The voice of this music is rich in natural harmonic quality that resonates within your body creating restfulness.

Melody conveys the message of music. These timeless melodies communicate a message so simple and familiar that you feel comforted and secure.

This calm, continuous recording restores inner harmony and balance. Exceeding one hour, this music carries you from light to deep sleep. Even in our sleep we are aware of sound. Our nervous system still experiences the soothing nature of this music.

Close your eyes and let yourself dream again, cradled in the arms of this invisible companion.