Music for Dreaming II

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Music for Dreaming

Features much loved carols like Silent Night, First Noel and Away In A Manager. The magic of these carols warms and opens the hearts of us all.

Reproducing the rhythm of the resting heartbeat and supporting natural sleep cycles, this music is a uniquely calming experience for both you and your baby. This continuous, instrumental recording is performed by an ensemble from the internationally acclaimed Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Following the worldwide success of 'Music for Dreaming', Cherie Ross has again integrated music and medical research to produce 'Music for Dreaming Christmas'. This music conveys in a unique, simple language, a calming and peaceful message so personal, that it nurtures the delicate relationship between parent and child.

Carols are based upon the rhythmical elements of dance. In the womb a baby experiences the first dance, the dance of life, surrounded by the rhythm of the human body.

The resting rhythm of the heart has been reproduced in this recording. Research confirms the calming effects of this natural rhythm for your baby.

The pure sound of this music is created from traditional instruments rather than synthesised sounds to protect your baby's delicate ears and sensitive nervous system. Gentle and smooth, this hour of continuous music follows you and your baby when moving from the lighter to deeper stages of sleep.

Sound is perceived at only seven months within the womb. This instrumental composition supports evidence that babies are soothed by the familiar sound of their parents' voice. Share these carols with your baby.