"Music for Dreaming" is played throughout our nursery and in the neo-natal wards. In the nurseries it promotes a calm, relaxed environment. We've found it enhances a deep sleep in our babies, and also softens the sound of the medical equipment used in the special care unit for premature babies."
Community Relation’s Officer, Melbourne - Ms Jeanette Thompson,


"Music is a useful inclusion in our care for sick babies. Music is also a great source of nurturing which mothers can use when more traditional kinds of care like cuddling, holding and touching are not available to them. As we have to be quite selective in what music we use, it is reassuring to know that "Music for Dreaming" is backed up by respected research."
Nurse, Neo-natal unit, Melbourne


"When "Music for Dreaming" is played in our wards, the gentle flow of beautiful music appears to have a soothing effect, not only on the mothers and babies, but also on the staff. We play the music in our maternity wards, Family Birth Centre, oncology and dysplasia units, Breastfeeding Assessment Service Units and in the children’s play centre."
Unit Manager, Maternity Ward, Melbourne - Liz Smidt


"We have had great success with "Music for Dreaming" in helping soothe and calm both mothers and babies. We see a lot of unsettled babies with things like colic or reflux, and we’ve found playing the music, along with something like a massage, to be very soothing. We estimate that at least nine out of ten babies respond almost immediately to the music. We really encourage mothers to use the music as an on-going method to either settle their baby or to enhance a deeper sleep or relaxed state. We also teach deep relaxation therapy to the mothers, and again we use the music in the background for that."
Unit Manager, Mother/Baby Unit, Melbourne - Ms Alice Yarni,


“I took the CD to the ward and played it to a roomful of infants with chronic sleep disorders - all of whom were unsettled. The most disturbed child settled regularly with the use of Music for Dreaming.”
Head Of Paediatric Sleep Unit, Melbourne


“We use “Music for Dreaming” as an essential part of helping the babies to settle, particularly those experiencing pain through colic or reflux. We find the music gives those babies something to focus on and helps distract from their pain, without jolting them out of their sleep. In other albums we’ve used just a change in tone or pitch can wake a baby, yet that doesn’t happen with “Music for Dreaming” – it is so gentle and smooth; it doesn’t irritate at all.”

Mother/Baby Unit, Melbourne - Ms Alice Yarni, Unit Manager


“We found the music to be most soothing, relaxing and greatly beneficial during the sleep times of the children. We also tried it during noisy and stressful periods throughout the day and it proved to be a wonderful aid in winding down the children, enabling easier, smoother transitions between routine times and play. All the staff want a copy too.”



“I have noticed that those mothers who do play relaxing music, particularly “Music for Dreaming” which has such a calming spiritual quality, are usually the most relaxed. And it does follow that a relaxed mother makes for a relaxed baby.”

Margaret Callaghan (IBCLC)


“ I’ve used “Music for Dreaming” to help overcome sleep problems I’ve experienced with my baby daughter, Mary. At six months, Mary wasn’t settling at night. She would often be in our bed, going off to sleep at 11pm, even midnight. I now play the music at home and it seems to pacify her immediately. With the music playing in the background, we just pat Mary’s back and she goes off to sleep. The music really calms her. We only use it at sleep time because we want her to associate the music with sleeping – and it is working wonderfully.”
Voula Aidonopoulos, Eltham


Whenever we have problems getting our four-month-old daughter, Kaitlyn to sleep, “Music for Dreaming” is one of the tools we use to settle her. Nine times out of 10, she will sleep when the music is played. Often, when Kaitlyn is having an unsettled night, we press auto-play on the CD player and have the music gently playing in her room all night. She really does seem to get a good night’s sleep because of the music.
John Ryan, Gold Coast


“The music creates an atmosphere of peace and calm which is extremely soothing for our three-month-old daughter, Alanna. It is enjoyed by parents just as much. My husband and I both love the easy listening.”
Lynne Tawse


“ I encourage all parents and caregivers to be close to their child as they listen to this beautiful music. Children need adults who will hold them, hum to them and look into their eyes with tenderness. This is the nourishment children need to grow strong and healthy.”

Heather Lawrence, Consultant