How to Use the Music

Prior to birth

Hearing is the first sense a baby develops in the womb at only seven months. Start playing the music during your pregnancy, while relaxing, so that its rhythm and tone create a familiar and secure environment once your baby is born.

Once baby is born

Routine and consistancy is essential in establishing sleep patterns. Play the music during your baby's sleep times (on repeat) for at least ten consecutive days.

Recognition and attachment

This music is specifically designed for 'quiet time', nurturing the delicate relationship between mother and baby. Introduce the music at a specific time when your baby is content and secure i.e. while nursing. This will help to reinforce a positive association.


Humming to your baby when settling is more soothing than singing.


Close your eyes so your baby will imitate your body language.


Gently massage your baby using long, gentle, downward strokes from head to toe creating a calming experience.