Cherie A Ross

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Music for dreaming..."has been created to be in harmony with you and your babies natural biological rhythm....even in our sleep we are aware of sound"...

A Cherished Vision

This project started out in 1992 as a simple idea and became a cherished vision: to soothe babies and adults through the universal language of music. Cherie A Ross, founder and Director of Sound Impressions, was inspired by the power of music to enhance the relationship between mother and baby and to reduce the stress of infants in Intensive Care.

The first of its kind in Australia, the original album Music for Dreaming is a unique blend of music and medical research. The rhythm of this music replicates the human heart beat, and the tempo is that of the resting human pulse, to bring about a sense of calm. The album has been readily endorsed by medical and child care specialists and is being used as a therapeutic tool in the neo-natal wards of Leading Maternity and Children’s Hospitals worldwide. Research has shown that playing music to premature babies improves their oxygen intake and enhances emotional stability, energy and sleep. A number of mother-baby units are also using the album as a learning device for mums to use in settling their newborns.

Due to the worldwide success of Music for Dreaming, selling over 750,000 copies, Cherie has again integrated music and medical research to produce Music for Dreaming II to deeply relax mother and Music for Dreaming Christmas a gift of peace for all the family.

Cherie is an international presenter in the areas of Music Therapy with a Degree in Human management and psychology. She continues researching music and its effect on mothers and babies. Cherie's research in this field has been published under the title 'Music as a complementary therapy to mother/baby care'.

Cherie says, “I am privileged and honored to be able to offer something that assists in nurturing both mother and baby that is so simple, yet so effective at solving baby’s sleep problems.”

Even in our sleep we are aware of sound. Close your eyes and let yourself dream, cradled in the arms of this invisible companion ...Music for Dreaming.